Twimply: mobile Tweeting made simple.

Are you looking for a Twitter app for your mobile phone? I was. And if you do not have an iPhone, but something like a Nokia N95 like I do, you’ll probably have noticed that good apps are pretty scarce.

That’s why I created Twimply: a free, simple, mobile-friendly Twitter app (with Instapaper and Delicious support). You can read all about Twimply’s features below, but first, here’s a screenshot: (click the image to see more screenshots)

Screenshot Twimply and features

Mobile phone screenshot of Twimply (and its features)

Twimply’s Features

Basic stuff: Tweeting, Timelines, Lists and Search

Twimply supports all basic functionality you expect: Update, Reply, Retweet, Direct Messages, Favoriting. You’ll find links for all these options underneath every tweet.

Your main timeline is shown by default, but you can also see your Mentions and Direct Messages, and other users’ timelines. (Lists aren’t supported yet, but I intend to add list support in the near future.) You can also view your own lists, and lists you’ve subscribed to.

You can follow and unfollow users through Twimply.

You can search Twitter and view the results directly in Twimply.

Save links for later: Instapaper and Delicious support

From Twimply, you can save links in tweets directly to your Instapaper or Delicious account for later reading, when you have more time or a bigger screen at your disposal.

Designed for small screens

Twimply is designed with small screens in mind: it will look good in screens that are only 240px wide, or even smaller.

View pictures in tweets

For every picture in a tweet, a thumbnail preview is shown underneath. Currently supported services: Twitpic, Mobypicture, Twitgoo, Yfrog.

No need to install or update

You don’t need to install Twimply: you can use it directly from your mobile browser. Just go to And because it’s web based, you’ll never need to update.

No need to register

You do not need to register for Twimply. All you need is your Twitter account. (And if you wish to use them, your Instapaper or Delicious account.) We do not store any of your account information: everything is saved on your phone (or computer) only.

Accomodates for your phone’s shortcomings

Mobile browsers do not have the same full set of features as desktop browsers. Twimply accomodates for those shortcomings: for example, if your phone’s input screen doesn’t show you how many characters you used (like the somewhat awkward input screens of my Nokia N95) Twimply will check this before submitting your tweet. Also (too get a bit more technical) mobile browsers’ javascript support differs from that of desktop browsers. Therefore, Twimply is designed to work very well even without any javascript.

View links in your favorite browser

Mobile apps that aren’t web based use the phone’s own browser by default for viewing links. Since Twimply runs in a browser itself, you can pick your own favorite browser. (Personally, I really dislike Nokia’s default browser. I highly recommend Opera Mini, which is much, much faster and also offers useful features like keyboard (numpad) shortcuts.)

Twimply is free

And last but not least: Twimply is free to use, and I intend to keep it that way.

Try Twimply now

There’s only one way to find out if Twimply is the right app for you: Simply use Twimply!

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  1. looks really nice! thx for the effort I will certainly try it out

    zegt vincent