Improving interfaces using Greasemonkey:

Do you ever come across a service that’s cool, but has such obvious quick wins that your fingers are itching to improve it yourself? I get that quite a lot. This week it was at And with a greasemonkey script, I could make it a bit better really easily.

What is

When you’re using Tweetdeck as your desktop Twitter app, you can easily adjust the colors of the rather dark and depressing interface (Settings > Colors/Font). The nice thing is that Tweetdeck also provides the option to tweet your newly created color scheme. catches all these tweets, and presents the color schemes on their site. That’s really cool.

Color samples at

Choosing your color scheme isn’t made easy

Unfortunately, the color schemes do not really give you a good impression of what the interface will look like with these colors: all sample are the same size, while some will be much more prominent in the interface than others.

Changing the presentation

This samples could much better be presented in a form that represents the Tweetdeck interface. So I have created this Greasemonkey userscript that does exactly that. (You’ll need to have the Greasemonkey plugin for Firefox installed.) It simply adds some css to resize and reposition the samples. And now, you have a good impression of what each color scheme will look like.

Enhanced representation of Color samples

While I was at it, I’ve also added a link “Show colors” next to each color scheme. And since I didn’t like to have a paginator at top of the page only, I added one at the bottom (where you normally need it).

Suggestions for further improvement

Although I like to think that my script improves the page, there are still some improvements I would like to see. What I think would be really cool is to create a copy of the actual Tweetdeck interface on which you can apply the color schemes. (That would be fairly easy using transparent png’s for the buttons and other components, in combination with <div>‘s with a changeable background-color.) Also, it would be nice to be able to sort the color schemes by color, to rate them, and to have an easy way to copy the color codes.

2 comments on “Improving interfaces using Greasemonkey:”

  1. I love what you have done here to with the greasemonkey script. I have not had time to work on the site since I got the original simple solution up. I agree that the UI definitely needs some work. I would like to incorporate the changes you outlined here in the site with your permission.


  2. Hi Royce, nice to hear you like it. Please feel free to use my alterations!

    zegt jaron

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