Archief juli 2009

Onduidelijk kaartje met vaarroutes

Het koste me wat moeite me te oriënteren op het kaartje met vaarroutes op de site van veerdienst Colorline. Totdat ik doorkreeg dat het water wit was, en het land blauw…

Improving interfaces using Greasemonkey: collects all color schemes tweeted by TweetDeck users. However, the way they present the color samples doesn’t make it easy for you to pick a color scheme. So I created a little Greasemonkey script to improve the presentation.

How to unhide passwords – on your site and everywhere else

Masking passwords (i.e. showing ●●●● instead of regular text) can cause several usability problems. A good solution would be to leave passwords hidden by default, but to allow users to switch easily between bullets and text.

I have created some javascript to show and hide passwords on your own site, and a bookmarklet and a Greasemonkey script to help you toggle passwords on any other site on the internet.