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Text reflections with css and javascript: jQuery text reflection plugin

If you want to create a reflected text header, an often used solution is to dynamically create an image for each header which includes the reflection. However, this has some disadvantages. Therefore, I have created a jQuery plugin which uses only javascript and css to create reflections, and all you have to do is drop it into your page to make it work.

Why the iPhone causes you to make spelling errors

Do you ever wonder why you are making all those spelling errors on your iPhone? Or rather – why the iPhone keeps inserting them for you?

This is because the auto correct function has a few obvious flaws in the way it works: It’s in the wrong place, it has the wrong trigger and it is not designed for a touch interface.

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Usability detail bij Twitters Tweet Button

Sinds gisteren kun je bij artikelen een Tweet Button plaatsen: als de bezoeker daarop klikt krijgt hij een twitter boxje met een door jou bepaalde tekst erin. Dat is handig, maar waar ik pas echt enthousiast van werd was een klein detail: slechts een deel van de tekst is geselecteerd.

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Great music videos featuring infographics

If you love infographics (like I do), this music video by the Norwegian band Röyksopp is a must see. I only came across it recently, but it apparently won the MTV Europe Music Award for best music video back in 2002. And if you like that video, you may also like the version of little Red Riding Hood by Tomas Nilsson, that was inspired by it.

Tafelvoetbal wk-shirts

Eindelijk is er nu de moeder aller wk-gadgets: oranje shirts voor je tafelvoetbal elftal. Download de shirts, print ze uit, maak je favoriete opstelling en laat ze scoren!

Adding character to your brand with design – Kulula airways

It’s great when products give you a smile with something unexpected. These delighters are a great way to give your brand character. The painting on this Kulula airplane is good example.

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Mobiele Twitter webapp voor low- én high-end smartphones

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Vara template systeem

Breed inzetbaar template voor diverse Vara Programma Sites

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HumorTV redesign 2009

Redesign van Vara's humor-videoportal.

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Vroege Vogels Gallery

Gallery voor natuurfoto's van gebruikers.

Varabalk met uitgeklapt venster


Javascript tool voor cross-site branding